Jeffry Scott: Blog en-us (C) Jeffry Scott (Jeffry Scott) Tue, 06 May 2014 19:26:00 GMT Tue, 06 May 2014 19:26:00 GMT Jeffry Scott: Blog 120 120 An introduction ... Welcome to the zenfolio home of Jeffry Scott. This is my first blog effort and the first update to my web presence in quite some time.


Once upon a time I was a photographer at the Arizona Daily Star, and before that I worked in Colorado, New Mexico and Missouri - with occasional international trips thrown in - as a photographer. I've since departed newspapers and journalism for the world of medicine. While the hours aren't necessarily better, the work is fulfilling in so many ways. Yet, it is not photography. The one constant I've had in my life since being a child, when I started shooting with a Kodak Instamatic 126 camera.


With this site, I'm hoping to share not only older images, but find opportunity to create new images. Images with clients who want a photographer to hang out, and with minimal direction document slices of life (in other words, I don't want you to pose for me - nor do I want to pose you - at least not a lot). Family gatherings, kids swim practice, soccer games, play in the park, small weddings. Things that you do everyday, except for the wedding part, that are meaningful, important and fun. Events that not only bring family together, but will live on with photos.


The photos here aren't necessarily the best, but they are some of my favorites and/or are representative of day to day life - either as a father or a newspaper photographer. Have a look around. If my style and philosophy seem like a good fit, let's talk and make some memories.




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